County of Alameda’s Public Art Program at Highland Hospital

Supporting a Healing Environment

The County of Alameda’s Acute Tower (ACT) Replacement Project’s Public Art Program includes multiple public art projects throughout Highland Hospital’s new facilities. The primary goal of the Public Art Program is to commission high‐quality, original artwork that helps create a positive, supportive, and healing environment for the patients, their families, visitors, and staff. The artwork for the new Acute Care Tower celebrates the natural landscape and the diverse communities of this region. Sixteen artists from Alameda County and the Bay Area created over 50 artworks for the new Acute Care Tower. The artists were selected through an open, competitive process by a selection committee comprised of Alameda Health System and Highland staff, local artists, and community members. 

To learn more about the artists and their artwork, see the public art brochure or view short videos. The Public Art Program is funded through the County’s Percent for Art Ordinance managed by the Office of the Alameda County Arts Commission on behalf of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors. Each artist created 2‐5 new artworks for the Acute Care Tower.