Onboarding and Intake Process

Step 1: Request for Placement

School Coordinator submits request from by deadlines:

  • October 15 – Spring
  • March 15 – Summer
  • April 15 – Fall

Step 2: Once approved

All information should be provided by school and by the student to AHS 30-60 days in advance prior to start date.  (1)school provides student orientation to AHS onboarding process, (2)schools submit students contact information ie., email, phone number name, syllabus, course outline; (3)students receive welcome email from AHS student placement and Soarian Electronic Medical Record, (EMR) charting training link to their email.

Step 3: Immunization Screening

Student Contact Employee Health to initiate Immunization Health Screening appointment at 510-346-7551. Students must bring all immunizations in their possession to the appointment.  All Students are screened by appointment only at 15400 Foothill Blvd., San Leandro, CA 94578, building C Ground Floor.  Student Placement is also located at this same office, so students should also bring their background check clearance letter from their school on school letterhead and should be signed by their school official.  Students should expect to receive a brief orientation from student placement.  If all items at this appointment are cleared by student placement, employee health and Soarian EMR is complete, then the student is fully cleared and may obtain ID Badge at the front desk.  Students will be asked for picture ID for identification verification.

There is certain health information we must obtain from you that is required of students/Instructors on-boarding AHS.  You will be able to set up an appointment with AHS Employee Health Services only after completing Step 2 and (1)School provides student orientation to AHS on-boarding process.

Student Health Screening Guidelines/Information

Student at Alameda Health System must fulfill the following health requirements prior to any volunteer work:

  • Documentation of the immunizations listed below performed elsewhere. ** AHS Employee Health offers all immunization services for a fee.  Please see the fee schedule on the attached requirements & fees.  You can obtain services with your primary Physician or you can inquire with your school.

  • If your school does not provide immunizations at no cost and you will need to pay at AHS, please be sure to arrive 15-20 minutes earlier to your appointment.  You will need to go to E Building at Fairmont Campus and pay cash or check prior to your immunization procedures.  At the front desk we accept Credit Card.

Please note that if you choose to get immunizations completed either at AHS or own provider or school, this will slow the process down until you complete all immunizations. Anyone wishing to speed up this process should have all completed immunizations documentation before hand, as well as other required immunizations as soon as possible.

You can expect to meet with student placement administrator after you visit with employee health.  We are located in the same building and office.

  • Tuberculosis Clearance A. & B. Skin test or Blood Test QFT (Performed within the last 12 months)
  • Measles
  • Varicella
  • Tdap
  • Rubella/Rubeola (Mumps)
  • Hepatitis B
  • N95 Respirator Fit Testing & Training (can only be one of the following masks: Kimberly Clark or N95 Tecnol Or 3M 1860)
  • Flu Vaccination (Seasonal)

Step 4: Follow Up - This step only applies to students that did not clear at the employee health visit

Please schedule a follow up appointment with employee health at the time of your visit if you have been advised of not being cleared.  There are absolutely no walk-ins with employee health to bring in remaining items; this is due to other previously scheduled appointments.  Once that you have brought in all pending documents, such as immunization documentation or background check letter or complete Soarian EMR training, then you should clear and receive your ID badge at the front desk.

Step 5: Completed all onboarding requirements and Received ID Badge

At this time, the student is encourage to contact their preceptor or instructor and advise of their clearances.