Our Caregivers

At Alameda Health System our caregivers are dedicated to our mission of Caring, Healing, Teaching, Serving All. The advances they make in medicine and the quality of care they deliver benefit our patients and the next generation of physicians we are teaching and preparing to serve our communities.

We encourage you to learn about our Philosophy of Care — a Patient and Family Centered Care approach that brings core values to the care experience:

  • Respect – We honor the cultural beliefs and input of patients and family in the planning of care.
  • Collaboration – Patients and family participate in the care and decision making process.
  • Participation – Patients and family are encouraged to be a partner and to take an active role in their care experience.

To help you participate in your care, we’ve provided resources in our Quality section that can enable you be better informed about your care. You can also promote effective health care in your community by participating in our Patient & Family Advisory Council. Comprised of patients, family members and hospital staff, this council provides insight from the patients’ perspective and advises Alameda Health System leadership in methods to ensure optimal patient care.

You can also read about our award-winning staff and discover the first-hand experiences of patients who have received our care.

For questions or suggestions about the care offered at Alameda Health System, please contact us.