Wound Care Clinic

Highland Hospital takes a comprehensive approach to wound care for patients with chronic or slow-healing wounds.

Whether you need help with non-healing pressure ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, arterial ulcers, diabetic, sickle cell ulcers, dermatological conditions requiring wound care, incontinence associated skin alterations, or radiation burns and tumors, our team of skilled, experience medical professionals is here to ensure prevention of infections and amputation and to optimize wound healing in a holistic way. Our team also provides ostomy care; our ostomy Incontinence Registered Nurse has been with AHS for 22 years.

Our goal is to provided coordinated management of care, so when necessary, our staff can call upon specialists in vascular surgery, orthopedics, physical therapy, plastic surgery, nutrition counseling and home health services. The Director of the clinic is a certified plastic surgeon.

Using the entire range of services from the Highland Hospital assures that you get just the right care for your individual needs.